No More 5km Eggs?

Back in 2016, I was playing Pokemon Go from the get-go and continued playing until the long Western New York winter set it. The momentum didn’t carry through the winter when spring came and didn’t start playing again until a few weeks ago.

One of my favorite things about Pokemon Go is the whole concept of hatching eggs. It gets me out and about on my lunch hour offsetting the side effects of sitting at a computer all day long. Since my return to the game, I have hatched about 30 eggs so far. All 30 eggs I have had replenished from PokeStops have all been 2km eggs. I used to get a decent amount of 5km eggs, maybe 25% of them were 5km eggs so it seems like something is amiss or I am just having really bad luck.

On a similar topic, I’ve heard from people there are 10km eggs in the game? Is that really true because I’ve had about 150 hatched eggs total so far and have never been given a 10km egg. I am up to level 24 now, if that makes a difference.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

The two KM eggs are part of the water event. If you noticed all the hatched are water Pokémon. After the 21st things will go back to normal .

This is good to know. Thank you!

There are so many new things that have been added to the game and gameplay since that inaugural summer. I had no idea there were “events” and was flustered why the majority of things I have caught are water type. I live about 15 miles from Lake Ontario and thought maybe that was the reason for so much water type. Now that you mention it, I think all of my hatches have indeed been water types.

This might somewhat help you :wink: