No mention of Shaymin or Torterra in Tangrowth article

The article about Tangrowth includes a table of Grass-types which it considers “meta-relevant”. Other people have noted the often poor quality of the home page articles in comments before (mainly due to the distinct lack of proof-reading) and I find myself agreeing with those concerns. I understand not wanting to list every single Grass-type Pokémon; after all, there are seven generations as of the time I wrote this. Therefore, I’m just going to focus on the ones from Generation Four.

What has irked me is the use of the phrase “meta-relevant” in describing the listed Grass-type Pokémon. Shaymin, for example, has its Sky-Forme (Pokemon Go Hub’s database doesn’t acknowledge Sky-Forme Shaymin so it doesn’t list its CP value). Given that Shaymin is a Mythical Pokémon with a unique move in Seed Flare I think it deserved a mention. Whether or not Shaymin will get Seed Flare in Pokémon Go (or how it will compare to Frenzy Plant, etc.) is unclear at this stage, obviously, but it should have been noted.

Secondly, Torterra has a unique typing, in being both Grass-type and Ground-type, so I think on that alone it deserved a mention as well. Plus, it has better CP than all of the final evolutions of the Grass-type Starter Pokémon before it (only Chesnaught from Generation Six is a better Grass-type in this regard). If Venasaur can get Frenzy Plant as a move in Pokémon Go, surely it’s safe to assume that Turtwig will ultimately get its own Community Day too?

Whilst we’re on the subject of unique typing, there is no mention of Abomasnow either. Since Abomasnow’s max CP is scheduled to be 2245 (many Grass-types have higher max CP) I can see merit in not declaring it as “meta-relevant”. However, a unique typing in grass and ice might give it some use as it will have access to both Grass-type and Ice-type attacks.

If Torterra did get FP like its gen1 starter it could take the number 1 slot. The same could be said about shaymin. But this is all guess work. We just have to assume all other grass types will have either solar beam or leaf blade until either the movesets are released or new ones are added. Aside from that it might be a long while before Torterra ever gets a CD. As we have not gotten to the gen2 or gen3 starters yet.

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