No lvl 5 raids?

I’m in Sydney atm and can’t find any level 5 raids. Looked on poke map and every other raid level is available just not level 5. This happening anywhere else?

Are you trolling or serious? Ho-Oh ended about 6 hours ago I believe. Not 100% but 99.9.

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Y wud I b trolling? I’m serious.

Niantic has not implemented any new level 5 raids after Ho-oh ended earlier today.


Kool thanks mate.that explains it


Sorry wasn’t trying to be a jerk. Just thought you were playing around.

Lol na kool as. Least we have groudon atm

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It really shocked me! I figured Niantic would wait for New Years to release Gen 3 Legendaries!!! Glad I was wrong. Surely Kyogre will be next so looks like we are set next few months! Now if they would just release Mewtwo differently.