No journal entries of returning pokemon since update (Resolved)

I updated Pokemon Go this morning, and noticed that I am getting no entries in my journal for when my defending pokemon return (nor when they need a treat). Had a friend defeat my pidgey from a gym and, nope, no entry in the journal. Even the return entries from last night are gone.

There was a push notification, so I think I got my coins, but that’s easy to miss. Tried reinstalling the app but same thing.

Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix?

(RESOLVED: All return entries were in News tab.)

This is probably tying in with the new trading system that is soon to come out. It might be a small glitch that happens when they are implementing trading and that whole system.

Hi DJNalu,
Does your journal have return pokemon entries? I want to know if I’m alone with this “glitch”. Using Android on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

iOS here and no entries of returns this morning either.

returning pokemon are now reported in the news tab


Thank you, Punica!! They’re all there. :slight_smile: This was driving me crazy.

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