No Coins after defending gyms for almost a week?

Say I have 3 pokemon on 3 gyms. 2 pokemon have been in the gym for 2 days so far, and the third one has been in a gym for almost a week. Now, the 2 pokemon who have been in a gym for 2 days were taken down, and I got 50 coins for each one. However, for the 3rd pokemon, he was taken out and it said, “Vaporeon was knocked out of the gym!” and I received no coins for it. How come I don’t get coins for a pokemon that’s been there for almost a week? This has happened to me twice now, and I am getting tired of wasting revives on pokemon that were knocked out with no reward.

No matter how many pokemon return from a gym in a 24 hour period, only 50 coins will be awarded in total.
This doesn’t make me happy either.
I really liked the old system much better

It’s not the 24 hour period thing, my problem is I have a Pokémon in a gym almost a week and I get 0 coins when he comes back. It just says, “Sudowoodi got knocked out of a gym!” Doesn’t say anything else. Nothing rewarded.

They tried to make the system more fair to all levels playing, which is nice. It also forces everyone to keep active and not just park pokemon in gyms for coins. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been there a month or an hour, when you get one knocked out and you’ve had gyms with them in, the first one(s) knocked out will get you coins until you hit 50. So if you didn’t get coins one day, you need someone to knock a one out for you, so it helps to have friends on different teams to do that. It makes it tedious to make sure you get your coins, but that is the point I guess for people to ACTIVELY play and get the coins. I like it much better IMHO.

The coin accrual rate is 1 coin per 10mins
You can only collect a maximum of 50 coins per day (midnight to midnight) regardless of how many Pokemon return or how long they’ve been in a Gym.
As soon as one or muliples return add up to 50 coins, every thing after that for the day gives you nothing.

It’s a crap system and can be a lot of hours of play time trying to make sure you collect the 50 free coins. I try to make sure I’m in anywhere from 4-12 at a time to maximize my chances of collecting the full 50.
They’ve made it this way in hope a lot of people will say “stuff it, that’s too much work” and buy the coin.

It’s a nice idea for a system but all that happens is as follows.

  1. I go round my local area (quite rural) and fill up all the gyms.
  2. The Pokemon all remain there for a while
  3. A spoofer or maybe a bot idk comes along and takes them all in the space of 10 mins (it takes me 40 mins of driving to do the route so it is obviously not legit (120mph average lol)
  4. I go round my local area etc.
    What this means is I get 50 coins every time I go out for an hour and have to wait for sometimes almost 2 weeks for them all to be kicked out on the same day.

In my opinion at midnight you should get 50 coins if you have had Pokemon in gyms, as if they have been kicked out but they haven’t. That would solve the problem I have had.

I am in a rural area that many times has no other players defeating gyms. In order to collect my 50 coins per day, i started another account for another team. Then I can take my opposing account to bump my mon and collect. I can then beat the gym again and put my good one account back in control until the next day.

I know that i get one coin every ten minutes. I have received no coins from hundreds of Pokemon that have defended gyms for many hours. What is the problem here.

Go back an re-read the replies from the top.
It’s all full explained by several posters.

They should do the same with coins as they did with raidpasses. You should be able to stack 2 days worth of coins. If you don’t get coins on monday they should transfer to the next day so you should be able to get 100 coins on tuesday.
Right now it is a pain in the ass to get your coins every single day. I personally get them like 95% of the time without too much trouble but sometimes i really need to do my best to secure them for the day. A day in reserve would be amazing. 1 day extra / 100 coins over 2 days is enough. This would solve a lot of stress for many players.
Also a notification of how many coins you can collect for the remainer of the day would be nice, even without above mentioned idea.

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I know how the gym system works. Just half my pokemon give me coins from defending gyms, regardless the time.

If you have the 500 minutes banked, the first pokemon knocked out (after midnight) will give you 50 coins, even if you just put them in the gym right before midnight. Doesn’t matter which pokemon gets knocked out.