No berries for the week achievements

I hatched 3 eggs, I walked 5 km, got 20 pokeballs, but where are the berries?!!?! I have been doing this for a while and getting regular pokeballs and berries. Now, second week in a row I’ve noticed only pokeballs.

Did the rules change for this? Am I doing something wrong?? Anyone else encountering this?
> See? No berries! Why?? <


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I don’t think I’ve ever got Berries from Adventure Sync. It is supposed to give Berries?


i didnt get any berries either, and i got to 129km. Cant really recall it ever giving berries.

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Maybe because the image shows a berry. But rewards are Pokeballs/Eggs mostly.


Okay, first up, well done for getting up to 129 km!! (I’ve only got my wifi connected tablet and MIGHT get up to 12 km in a week, so good for you! Wow!)

Second, well that just sucks. :frowning:
Thanks for taking the time out to reply.

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I’ve missed the 50km mark for last 5 weeks, so I’ve been happy with what I got.

The only type of berry I got from weekly adventure sync is the silver pinap, no other types of berries. But it is still not guaranteed to get it every week

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Wait wait wait, so let me get this straight. Despite the fact that the weekly thing clearly shows berries for the kms, there’s no guarantee of actually getting berries for the kms walked?!?!? Seriously!??
This is just so stupid and frustrating. (Not aimed at any of you lovely people. Aimed at PoGo for this. If it shows berries for achieved kms, give berries! ARG)

I’ve gotten silver pinaps when I complete the 50km goal. But I don’t do it very often.

I’ve never gotten berries. Don’t really need them, so…

I have about 100 silver pinap now, so…

Nice. I only have 35.

The berry silhouette has always been used as an icon for “mystery items”. Wherever it has been used, there never were berries guaranteed.
Misleading, yes… but I understand the difficulty of finding a good and recognizable icon
(I’m a software developer and I’m regularly struggling to find the right symbols for what I’m doing…)