No articuno raids spawned at the Azores islands

Despite normal raids not spawning at all for a few hours prior, no articuno spawned when the event started.

Azores always were weirdly divided by Niantic. Sometimes we’re considered part of Europe, other times part of America. Here community days start according to the Americas, wich means 6pm local time.

This articuno event seemed to be no different, as we had no articuno in the morning hours (Europe’s event) and raids stopped spawning few hours before the Event.
Now here’s the issue: Raids here stop spawning at 17:45. And at 18:00 no Ice Birdies showed up, all gyms stayed empty.

This happening right after being exluded on the “Europe”-wide corsola event really hurts the motivation of our local community :confused:

People form Portugal and Azores post this in PokemonGoApp #ArticunoInAzores #WeArePortugal #WeAreAzores.

Edit: Im not Azorian but im Portuguese from Porto…

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Honestly man that’s gutting to hear for you guys :frowning: honestly the best suggesti9n is to try and get as many people to contact niantic about these issue and hope they listen. At worst (other than not responding) they might give you and the people contacting Some free passes but at best you many get a belated articuno day!! Either way it really seems like the you need things to be sorted massively in that area.

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Niantic need to fix this problem


People try this hashtags:

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The problem with Azores is that they are in the middle of the atlantic ocean, and sometimes is part of America but they are portuguese islands…

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Red is North America
Orange is South America
Europe is Green
Blue is Africa

The Azores are in the middle. Niantic please just put it as Europe or Africa …

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People, sign this petition to help azorian players:

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@MEME Where are you from?

People from Hawaii do you have articuno day?
You suffer the same problems as Azores, one is in the middle of the atlantic and other in the middle of pacific…
You can be screwed with the Pacific time, no?

don’t feed the troll!