Nincada for riolu

i have a nincada, id love to trade it for a riolu if anybody is willing


Sorry, I have none, also welcome to the forum!

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danke, rip on the riolu though… hopefully someone else has one willing to trade


I’d happily trade if i had two riolu and if you were close enough for me.

Do you live in europe?

whereabouts in europe?

The hague


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i can be there

Wow. Pm me your friend code

If I hatch two Riolu I’ll keep the second one for you

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how do i pm on this website

Sending request in a minute


Where do you live then? That you can be in The Hague?

i live in florida, but im willing to go to any lengths to get a freaking riolu XD, ive already hatched hundreds of eggs for it and still no hatch so… ill go to the moon for one if i have to

only place i wont go is a combat zone

Oh. I won’t fly to me if I were you. You could trade with people closer to you or you wait until I go to Florida :joy: (that will take at least 2 years)

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Probably a lot cheaper.

Flights to AMS from Miami and Orlando take at least 8 hours

price is of no consequence to me

I hope I hatch some soon then

Sadly have none