Niantic's Dortmund compensation

Since Niantic announced their week long Europe exclusive Safari thing to compensate for the bad servers here in Dortmund it got me thinking about how much this reminded me of the 100% catch rate legendaries in Chicago, as a way to divert attention from them and back to the game. Anyways my question is basically what this the right move from Niantic?

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I think this is fine as long as you dont get the SZ-tier spawns like in Dortmund
We didn’t travel 600km just to get Corsola by our neightborhood

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Well i was gonna say INB4 corsola available in Europe
INB4 people who went to Dortmund are going to be agry about that, but i see im already to late :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, i do feel sorry for the people who went to Dortmund and had a dissapointing day. But if Corsola suddenly appears in my screen monday i will welcome it with open arms. Ill rename my first caught in honor of all Dortmund goers.

No i like this Europe wide compensation and think it is a good way to reimburse disgruntled attendees but i still feel like Dortmund should get something a bit extra over the rest of Europe, even if it’s an extra day of spawns or a new regional in town.

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What is the Europe thing? I’m kind of intrigued now.

To quote Niantic

“We’d also like to announce that we’ll be hosting a Europe-wide event later this week for the benefit of users who may have been impacted by today’s issues. Stay tuned for more information.”

No-one really knows what it will be

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Tauros plz

Would be fair, but its hard to check who went and who didnt i think. If you limit it to Dortmund then the people who went there and went home already (cause work/school/life) get cheated again.

Roselia in Europe, thats the compensation

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