Niantic updates Pokemon GO Privacy Policy in preparation for Adventure Sync |

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@Kevin260709 thanks

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What again is the advantage of that Adventure Sync on Pokemon Go?

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Meaning, players walking that are monitored through Google Fit would be honored by PoGo even if PoGo is not active by that time? if so, it would be just like using other app to monitor the walking? What if both app were active? Sorry, Google Fit is new to me, need time to get acquainted with it first.

It’s still not clear, until they activate it and we try, no chance to know. I’m using GoogleFit, and it’s just another fitness-program to monitor your activity.

But I will have another problem… my main account is conected to Facebook, meanwhile another account is conected to Google…

Now I have to switch this relations. Anybody has tried to do this and knows how?

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Are you referring to 2 PoGo account? if you are, then you’ll need to link a Google account first to your Facebook connected PoGo account. That way, you won’t lose your progress and have a google login that is in my thinking is required for a Google Fit account.

For my experience, no problem switching from Facebook connected, then transferred to Google connected login. I even tried different Facebook (3 FB accounts) and different Google (combination of Gmail and G Suite addresses) without problem.

My problem is my PTC account that cannot be logged in currently in my device, always saying unable to authenticate although they were working initially.

I didn’t write the article, I just posted it on here.

If you want to ask the writer that, go on the article and post your reply in the comments section.

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