Niantic Sponsors

Some sponsers are leaving Niantic due to “spoofers” My question is…how many trainers really needed to go inside a “sprint” and for what reason? There are 0 Sprint sponsers in my country, since we do not have that phone company.

Wouldn’t food restaurants be a better sponser? Mcdonalds, Burger king, subway, ect. Sponsers that are global and not just in certain countries.

I personally wouldn’t of gone into a sprint if i am with a different phone company and have no buisness inside the building. They do not want me loitering now do they?

Is Niantic on the search of new sponsers?( probably)


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I wish they’d do away with sponsorship all together. It’s the only way they will start listening to the players and stop designing the game to control us into spending money we don’t need to spend outside of the game.

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Well money rules the world, not sure if they(Niantic) needs…sponsers :man_shrugging:t5:

Regardless more money more problems.


Either way, spoofers only got out of control in the game because Niantic wants everyone to travel the world which is way too expensive for most players. Players don’t like having empty spots in their pokedex, so people resorted to spoofing part time and then went to full time.

Sponsors are the only reason I can see Niantic wanting us to travel the world, as any hotel chains that sponsor Niantic would not benefit from local players. Directly, it makes no difference to Niantics income where a player is, they only stand to benefit indirectly.

A few regionals arent the actual reason for spoofing xou know

The regionals are what motivated a very high percentage of local players here to spoof, once they started spoofing to fill the dex, they then started spoofing full time locally as well.

Thats a sick idea. Sponsered hotels for trainers.

Yes but thats still not because of the regionals

As I said, it was because of the regionals. They wouldn’t have started spoofing if there weren’t regionals. I’m not making this up, I know what made them spoof and it’s the regionals.

I don’t believe regionals are the reason we have spoofers. Spoofers are here because they are lazy and don’t want to go to the trouble of going out at all, and with spoofing they can get more/better stuff then the normal players. When the game launched there were places you had to be to get the best Pokemon (Santa Monica pier anyone?), but that was for 99,% of the playersbase a no-go. People didn’t spoof there for the Tauros, they spoofed there because that was the spot to be. That and just lazyness.

That said, i do believe the sheer amount regionals we have now compaired to earlier is causing some new spoofers. In my community we never had spoofers, now already 4 admitted (or got busted) to have a spoof account for the regionals. But those players get what they want and go back to normal play.

So IMHO the real spoofers: just lazy

On topic though:
the game is over 2 years old, the hype is long gone and sponsored areas don’t attract as much players as before. I’ve had a sponsored mall on a 1-hour drive away, even had safari events there. i’ve been there only once in all this time. And players that live closeby won’t go tourist shopping there so why sponsor then? It’s the Niantic events that attract players, not sponsored stuff

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The sponser spots give nothing special except Ex Raid. Imagine actual good pokemon at an Sponser or “small events”

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exactly what i mean. Why go somewhere just for some stops? If there is nothing to get, there is no use.
And when less people show up, of course those places stop sponsoring at some point.

Only reason i can think of are community days and i still don’t think players will go mass shopping during or after the event.

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like i said, if your with a different phone company why on Earth would you go inside? they want you to change your company…they dont offer anything special…NO QR code freebies, No good pokemon, Not even constant raids every 2 hours to make sure there is a huge number of Ex passes given out. The sponsers suck imho. It’s pointless and just a money grab for Niantic and losing them does not even affect trainers only Niantic.

Atleast give us Mcdonalds and have some kind of free drink and small fries. Or reward system for trainer level or even if the Sponser is a gym and we have Gold you get something.

Is this to much? lol…seems funny when you actually think about it.

Do you go to your local park and get the ex pass or go loiter at a store you wont even purchase anything from…and also…possibly get yelled at and charged for hanging around to long.

:man_shrugging:t5:makes 0 sense to me.

Is spoofing still a worrisome thing? I mean, the trackers are dead. There’s no way we can easily detect 100%s anymore, except a very dedicated and active Discord community. I’ve met a few spoofers, and Niantic hitting the trackers made a real damage to them. One my buds even turned legit…he’s usually my Community Day companny.


Well they say their numbers dont add up and maybe other things are factors to losing sponsers :man_shrugging:t5:

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They arent problematic because they would get 100IVs, they can be troubling when they negatively affect legit players, like frying down an entire area of gyms at 3AM


Are the sponsors in-question paying rates based on visitor counts (sort of like web advertisers pay rates based on page-hits)? I couldn’t blame somebody for getting upset if their bill was based on a claim that 1K trainers were logged spinning the pokestop there, while the store logs only showed ten people came inside.

Commercial sponsorship is generally not a charitable practice, and spoofers screw up the cost-benefit analysis.

That said, I notice far more Starbucks locations being sponsoring locations than the cell-phone service companies, at least around the Bay Area.


Not to sure. I used the sprint as an example because its pretty weird to go and stay by one if your not buying anything + none in my country.

Starbucks on other hand should see alot of customers

Wow, idk if this convo is abt spoofers or sponsors?

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Sorta both go together. We lose sponser cause the numbers are inflated. BUT the funny thing is “You dont need to go inside”

so the true problem is the sponsers themselves. Anything about spoofers is fugazy and nonsense. They are not harming the sponsers. It’s just the sponsers just are lame.

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