Niantic Shares details on Level 50 and Mega evolution | Pokemon GO Hub

Well, it is ok for new features - but the thing author suggested for lvl41 - compared to the statement that is should take an effort to get it - was a laugh (I mean - all but exp was doable within single day) :rofl:

If this supposed to be hard - then I would expect something like (for lvl41 - and gradually increased for next levels):

  • catch 4100 pokemons
  • walk 410km
  • do 41 legendary raids
  • hatch 140 eggs
  • spin pokestop 41 days in a row
  • battle 410 times (League)
  • battle 41 Team Rocket Leaders / 410 Team Rocket Grunts

Well that got me falsely excited. Though they were sharing how mega evolution would work and what the requirements were gonna be for the new levels. Really the only interesting detail in there is your exsisting pokemon are going to be the ones that can mega evolve.

And yeah if youre gonna compare level increase to Ingress’s medals, you cant really come with stuff that can be done in a day.

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The Go Battle League requirement would probably cause me to choose to remain at level 40. I might consider 140 times; but 410 times? No way.

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I just gave an example of semi-challenging tasks…
410 battles is maybe not small number but you can do 30 per day - so it is less than two weeks if you push yourself. And I put there “battle” - not “win” - so you could potentially leave each battle after 1s… :wink:

Given how broken and boring GBL is… Please dont give them ideas


I have no interest in doing GBL 30 times in total, let alone 30 times a day.


Similar to me - about making excellent throws… :slight_smile:
If it will be not up to us - but it will be requirement for new level - I will learn to make those bloody throws, and I bet you would suffer starting 30 battels per day :wink:

If there’s an actual reward for 50, then maybe, if they even increase the dust requiremenets for power ups then I might ad well stop playing lol

5 lucky eggs :stuck_out_tongue: