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Niantic rolling back all the advantages!

Have you noticed how Niantic is sneakily rolling back all the “advantages” they gave us during the Covid-19 pandemic?

It started with the incense. It’s totally overrated and useless now (except perhaps if you walk using one). I calculated that, being stationary, a pokémon now appears every 13 minutes using an incense. That’s about 4 per hour!

And it continued with the Community Day! We’re now back to a duration of only 3 hours for the event. From 14h00 to 17h00 local time. Why?

When the event was 6-hour long, at least we had the option to chose WHEN to play.

Now, we’re slaves to their imposed and restrictive time-table. What about if you’re busy between 14h00 and 17h00? What are our alternatives?


I think we’ve al noticed.
The changes where good QoL changes in general not just for Covid.
Incense was useless before change, became useful and now back to useless again.
The 6 hour CD window back to 3 is also a giant step backwards I agree.


Pokemon GO was back at its peak with the start of covid. Now covid is slowly backing away the game is going increasingly downwards indeed.


The stay @ home features were amazing, it brought lots of remote players to the game. Even players who couldn’t go outside.

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(flaming rant regretted and withdrawn)