Niantic is suing the developers of PokeGo++, Ingress++ and Potter++


I hope Niantic is going to sui more developers of spoof stuff.

On one hand, some people claim disability prevents them from playing.
On the other hand, people claim poverty prevents them from playing.

The former play by spoofing GPS. The latter play by fighting to hold gyms for the trickling of pokecoins.

Neither has compassion for the other, because each perceives the other’s obstacle to be bogus or at least wildly overblown.

Seems to reflect life in general, doesn’t it.

I do know that there was a month when I wished I could spoof, not to teleport my trainer all over, but to pretend I was out walking around and catching pokémon and spinning stops when I was bedridden after surgery. And there are other situations when I can’t go out that I wished I could still play.

And I know the best legendary raid I ever had was made a little easier by two people who spoofed into the lobby with about 30 seconds remaining in the countdown. So their effect isn’t ALWAYS detrimental to others.

Thing is, the “Im disabled” argument (often a lie, definitely not always tho) falls flat when you realise that they dont have to play it and that there are literally dozens of Pokemon games in which you dont have to walk

That’s fair; but the argument applies equally in both directions.

Maybe the most equitable solution would be to establish a spoof-permitted virtual world and a spoof-prohibited virtual world, and players can choose which suits them best without stepping on each other’s fun.

(Even if that were set up, though, somebody would find a way to defeat its intent, and somebody would find a reason to claim they’re being harmed by it. Human nature…)

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