Niantic is Kiddish or doing wantedely to loose players?

Adding Regional Pokemons to alola 7km eggs is really stupid move
I hope the regionals that are added to 7km eggs are Alola forms


How is that kiddish tho
And how would that make them lose players, if anything people will play more


Also regionals don’t even have alolan forms


Why exactly is this a stupid move? Pretty much everyone hates the idea of regionals cause it stops you from completing your pokedex. If you can get them now by just walking a few eggs, great.

I dont really see a problem with this.


There should be a another Type of egg for Regionals Pink or black colour egg
And I want to get rid of regionals they aren’t much capable of anything
Before anyone say Regional are strong Don’t say about just 1 Pokemon i want reason for each and every regional why they are strong
(I stopped hatching 7km eggs from 1 month and I won’t get them permanently after Regionals jump into 7km eggs)


So you dont like regionals, and you dont like alolan eggs… Simple solution: make sure you dont get 7km eggs, and let the rest of us enjoy our missing regional…


Nobody would say regionals are strong, but I really dont get what are you complaining about?
If you dont want regionals nor alolans, dont get pink eggs

What is the problem?

Do you remember that not everyone cand use the feature?

I didnt to be honest no. But i doubt that if you cant use the friend feature cause youre to young that you can travel arround the world to get all those regionals.

What about @NotanotherKangaskhan???

He is over 13.

He made a mistake. Cant expect Niantic to take exceptions into account.

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I have no idea what age I put.

But I am over 13 irl and I guess it worked out :+1:.