Niantic is forcing to tag Pokémons


Niantic is forcing to tag Pokémons, they replace the place of the butons by others for tag.




Yeah, there’s initially a confusion. But “force”? The first few times I mistakenly hit the TAG button, I very easily hit X and quit the tag screen. The habitual button pressing for appraising will adjust pretty quickly, and we’ll soon forget there was ever any confusion.

After a week of using it, I’ve mostly adjusted. Still, I would prefer for both buttons to be green (since my eyes have gotten used to hitting green buttons in the game). To differentiate between the TAG and TRANSFER buttons, they could make the TAG buttons shorter in length (but still centered for aesthetics of symmetry). I dislike the buttons that go all the way across the screen, anyway – like for the INVITE button in raids – because they are often on top of something I want to select.


There’s no forcing anything. It’s just a user experience that didn’t account for muscle memory.

Now this is coming from someone who is quite critical of Niantic’s practices:

Tone it down.

Like alot of things Niantic does, this isnt intentional. Its just poor game design befitting the bad company that they are.

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The initial placement is deliberate not doubt to stimulate engagement in a new feature.
No ones being forced to use it but the tactic is annoying.
While changing my renaming of my trade Pokémon by zones to the Tag system I accidentally transferred 70 Pokémon from one zone including 30 odd Dratini that were all set for 2 Candy Trades. Not happy.

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Of course it is intentional, everything we do in Pokemon GO is analyzed. That’s why the game is free, why they use the data and sell it.

Surely they are analyzing how long each one takes to get used to the change the position of the Appraise button and how many times we make a mistake when pressing on Tag.

What data (besides location obviously) could this game get from me? That i like transferring bad stuff and like keeping good stuff? Like everyone else?

They really dont need to sell user data.. They make enough money just from in-app purchases.
Its just poor game design imo. If not, i dont really see why they would force us to use tags OR why that would be a bad thing, wich you are making it out to be.


The Tag thing has proven to be useless for what I was trying to use it for.
Went to do a Trade and pull up all the stuff from one area and I can’t search the Tags in the Trade screen :rofl:
Back to re-naming and hope they fix the micro screen bug song they’ve just created.


Tag system and new search are the best things which happened in pogo…
This is how this functionality should be delivered in FIRST PLACE!!
I refuse to use search in friend list unless they will replicate there new functionality.
Old search without tagging seems like stine-age design :slight_smile:

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