Niantic is forcing to scan the Pokestops


Niantic is forcing to scan the Pokestops, they replace the missions of the Pokestops by others of scanning.

Also, the other Pokestops give different missions if you have accumulated a scan mission.


No ones forcing you to do anything.
Hold one of those scan quests in your collection at all times and you won’t keep spinning up new ones.
They don’t count towards the amount of quests you can carry at a time.

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But hold on to that thought, @VictorGO.

I predict that once Niantic realizes that the carrot-stick (part enticement, part cudgel) of the scanning field research tasks isn’t motivating users to do their scanning project for them, they will find a way to make them harder to turn down. Kind of like the way they pushed us more for the Team GO Rocket Leaders and Giovanni, by making them a hoop to jump through if we wanted to get Shadow Mewtwo…


Make the reward more worth while and players will be more incentivised to do them.
Giving away the same items you can get by doing other more meaningful game play things makes it easy to ignore.


The only reason why I’ve done any of them was for the Poffins. Any other reward and I dismiss them immediately.

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“Hold one of those scan quests” is already an imposition.

If you save tasks and have to hold the scanned one, the third one is out of sight.

Why doesn’t Niantic make a scan event and stop bugging?

The scanning quest doesn’t take over any of the three Field Research slots–I tested it myself–so that’s a moot point.

Think the person is saying it’s bugging them that holding one results in you having to scroll down to see what quests you have where before you could see all 3.
A minor thing but yes requires more unnecessary micro interaction.

We might also view it as an imposition that we even have to spin Pokéstops to get the revives, potions, and balls from them.

It seems most players have at least one game feature that they wish we could toggle a setting to remove from our play experience so we could simply ignore it.

The AR Mapping Task Issue

Niantic is giving out three rare candies per scan. :rofl:

When it reaches 100 rare candies + 1000 pokecoins per scan then, perhaps, we will scan.

3 rare candies Niantic? Seriously??

How Much Does 3D Scanning Cost?

3D scanning a part can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more. Our rates are between $100 and $200 per hour, depending on the 3D scanning technology being used. The cost is ultimately dependent on the size and complexity of the part being 3D scanned. This does not include the cost of additional services, such as reverse engineering or dimensional inspection.

Save a completed scan in your inventory and it won’t give you anymore. Then you don’t have to fart with it.

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it’s only a scam when you fall for it. on the other hand, free rare candies, yay?
Still it isn’t worth my time to scan a stop or gym. I got places to be, and pokemon to catch.

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Just keep a scan task in your task list, and you won’t get any more. You’ll still be able to get 3 regular tasks in your list (the scan will be a fourth task), and you don’t even need to complete the scan – you can then mostly forget about the whole thing.

(The scan instructions say to walk around the stop to scan it, which presents a problem when circling the stop isn’t feasible, like a Post Office or a bike shop.)

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