Niantic cutting off support is really bad for remaining rural players as well as those who can no longer play

So Niantic is cutting off support for iOS 10. This also means older phones and tablets that can get no higher than iOS 10 can no longer play Pokemon go. This has meant I have lost my lowest level group member. My Group now stands as:

Level 36
Level 34(me)
Level 30
Level 29
Level 25
Level 22

And, this 6 is not enough to defeat legendary raid. Even if we all level up, groudon will be gone.

So we lost a level 21 player which was seemingly not a big deal. But it kicks us below the point where we can beat a weather boosted groudon. So that’s not possible now. I imagine kyogre will be more difficult to beat than groudon. The counters aren’t as good especially considering just 2 of us have zapdos and just one of us have powered it up. No raikou was ever caught. If articuno came back now, we could beat it in partly cloudy weather though. Let’s just hope for another legendary rotation to come back around and give us all another chance.


I’m a bit suprised about this. I didn’t expect them to just drop the support of any version. Any idea of why?

It’s so that future updates will work I believe.

I’m only guessing but I bet it has something to do with the AR changes coming.

Its normal. You have to move forward on operating systems. Windows did the same for older versions, with windows XP as a good last example.

Its btw only the Iphone 5 and Iphone 5C that are affected (and a few tablets). They dont just cut off support for IOS 10 yet. Only those few devices. Those phones are arround 5 years old now. Im amazed you keep it alive for that long, seeing as how some people throw their phone arround :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you can check for yourself if you are gonna be out of the game or not:

Discontinued devices
Supported devices

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