Niantic could stop spoofing...if they wanted to

I’ve just watched a YouTube video posted three months ago, by a guy called Hugo Valentin, where he demonstrates how the cab firm Uber has a system that detects fake GPS and shows a warning that comes up on screen, immediately a fake GPS is used. It is very interesting, as he is against spoofing, as he enjoys playing the game honestly, and taking his time with it, but he downloads a spoofing ap to demonstrate that what he says is true. (He deletes the stuff he gets afterwards). He believes Niantic could go to Uber and find out about this system if they actually wanted to stop spoofers, and after watching his video, I have to agree with him 100%.

Why not link to the video?

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@HeracrossVille, I don’t know how to do stuff like that, sorry, but I’m gonna learn, right now.

The voice is not synced, but it is still worth listening to.
I must also add that it does contain swearing, f words etc. for people easily offended

I don’t think spoofers are that bad. I’m not one of them but please consider this (by consider I mean read the whole thing before y’all throw stones at me lol)

  • Desite all the bad experiences they have cost you (plenty for me) and how some of them be bragging etc online, there are people just in really bad period/condition of life and are not be able to fully enjoy the game like how it suppose to be. Well most YouTubers can say whatever but they don’t have kids and are not disabled are they? There are lots of different walks of life, from what I have learnt people don’t fully understand others surround them. There’s will always be a perfectly good invisible explanation for everything! I’m young and not disable and don’t have kids but I could come to understand so could you? I’m not trying to teach anyone a lesson but thinking this way will ease so much anger for them. Don’t let them ruin the experience, let them enjoy a small fraction of how much fun you enjoy the game. You know sitting at home spoofing will never give them the excitement you had from hardworking.
  • You may say oh this person know nothing they snipe my gym bla bla…but trust me I know exactly how it feels. In my area are full of spoofers, each of them have multiple account on 3 teams. Every time I fight gyms (8 on a straight line around 3-4kms) I’m lucky if I could earn about 6, normally 3-4 in the old system. They also ruined my first new gym experience. But i have found peace with them.
  • So what I’m saying is don’t quit becuz of them. If you look on the bright side, they can help you. Imagine you are fighting a level 4 raid boss and physically alone or in a tiny group they are your friend; oh well frenemies at least. If there are legendaries and I’m happened to be by myself I will surely spam that fsualt guy like crazy you know what I mean?. He will send his redeeming army to help.
    So all is not lost xD

Hi @PixieAstray911, I’ve read everything you said, and you have obviously given a lot of thought to the question of spoofers, and while I have every sympathy for the disabled, I cannot accept that this is a good enough excuse for cheating, because that’s what we are talking about here. Sadly, those people who are not mobile need to accept that this game was not designed with the physically disabled in mind, as it is all about getting about, and putting in some serious distance in order to fulfill the punishing leveling up requirements. There are DS consoles they could enjoy Pokémon on for example, my son let’s me play on his Pokémon X and I find it a great way to pass the time. No, the spoofers I am angry about, are those I see being exposed on YouTube videos. In a deserted area, first one, then a whole team of them, one after another. I’ve watched it happen. It’s not fair, it’s not right, and it needs banning. Niantic allow it to continue, although they receive no financial reward from these cheats, so it must be so they can say how many people play their game. What other reason could they have. I stand by my statement. They could stop it, they just don’t want to.

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Hey Pat, just looking back seeing my post right below your, hoping it doesnt seem like a personal attack lol. This has going in my mind lately so I just wanna put them in here since there’s a topic. I really appreciate you guys finding new ways to stop spoofers. And there is no ‘but’ , I really do.
The game is never fair in my opinion. Speaking about fair when people live in big cities? Like they can run to Santa Monica to play? Like they only complain about getting rid of poke balls and items? Like they can attend events and stuff?
Yes no spoofers the world will be a better place (or will it? I just have to find out until then). But I see so much anger on tweeter& Facebook and people are just extremely upset. They have sent very nasty words to Niantic & well known spoofers especially that fsualt guy. What I’m saying is if Niantic ban them-good- if not we can still enjoy the game in our own way. It’s a free game, and Niantic staffs don’t deserve so much hatred throwing at them. Or the fsualt guy for this matter, he is just a teenager. Reading people comments to him is just unnecessary.
Spoofers are like Team Rocket. And I love Team Rocket so I try not to hate spoofers haha.
I love Pokemon and never had a chance to play the main series game. As I don’t really play games so I can’t be bother to invest so much without knowing anything about it. Non of the people I know growing up playing Pokémon main series so it sure doesn’t help. So there must be people like me only play games on there phone?
What I’m saying is we could still enjoy the game until there’s a better solution. It’s like I don’t care about fighting gym anymore and only focusing on raids. You know.

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I think Pokémon go should give 1 free pass to each handicapped person that really wants to play ,to kinda wonder around there area like Within a few miles it couldn’t hurt but I know it’s not possiable .

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The problem with that is that they (in reality) have little to know info about people. If this system was implemented, all they could really ask for was a picture of yourself. It might work better, but there is no way to stop spoofers.

My problem with them is that they don’t know when to quit. If they left the gyms alone, many might just give up on the ‘ban spoofers’ train. With the new gym system, it is unlikely that any spoofers would give up gym battling.

They are the worst and I’d rather not raid then have their assistance during one. :joystick::no_entry_sign::poop:

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Hey, @PixieAstray911, I enjoyed reading your comments, and you have given me a lot to think over. I guess there are some instances where people could benefit from spoofers, although I’m still not saying it’s right, but there are a lot of things not right and not fair in life, and to put things in perspective, it is only a free game, and nobody has to play if it bothers them. I guess in remote places, it is impossible to enjoy the game if you play it honestly. I also wasn’t aware of some of the stuff you said, and it was interesting to find out. There is always two sides to every story, so thanks for putting the other side. Hope you have a good day!
Pat x

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Yes Pat, thank you for hearing my opinions. Hope you have a good week x

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Yeah, exactly. I don’t care if spoofers just wanted to “travel” the world, and catch all the region exculsives, etc. (Not like that sounds like any fun, but whatever). The problem starts when they try to take over gyms from legitimate players. If anything, spoofers could be allowed to play the game, but just not be allowed to participate in raids or gyms.

If they could lock out the gym interactions it would be best. A casual friend of mine showed me a spoof alt he had. Just for catching. All stacks of dope regionals I wish I had. He doesn’t touch gyms. Doesn’t mess with it. Nothing will happen to him. And TBH, he’s a harmless fly. Trading is the only issue. His stuff probably got all slashed since then.

As it is now. Spoofers with premium raid passes seem scary. They’re giving themselves ridiculously unfair advantage. So, that’s bad. But they’re helping legit players out on lots of hard level 4s. That seems like a good thing. The morality of it is a tossup.

So, catch only? Harmless. Thrashing gyms and sniping free slots ridiculously fast? Evil! Throw the book at them! Raid Uber plays? Juries out.

Being disabled is unfortunate, but there are a lot of activities in which they are unable to participate. Having to “prove” you’re disabled is ridiculous and intrusive and niantic would never try something like that (nor should they).

Just start a completely separate version of the game where spoofers don’t interact with real players. There can be an AR version and a joystick version. Let the infirmed and the lazy enjoy the game from the comfort of the sofa while the rest of us play in the real world. There are a regular olympics and a paralympics. Same principle


Pokémon Go with a joystick? Might as well just play Sun or Moon. Much better experience for playing on the couch. AND you can play it anytime, disabled or not! I mean, it’s not FREE, but it’s way more fun to just play the main series games if you want the pokemon experience without having to go outside. You can battle other trainers and everything, just leave GO players alone if you’re just gonna spoof. It’s not fun, and just ruins the experience for all of us.

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So far niantic has been very soft in its decisions. They can easily eliminate cheating accounts and problem solved. (They keep doing fly gps but starting from scratch to see if they can).