Niantic changing Poke %

Has any had this happen to them. I caught a 100% shiny kyoger on 6/9/18 and promptly labeled him accordingly. while cleaning up pokie genie I grabbed a new screen shot of the kyogre to see what level I had him powered up only to find that he now rates only 79%. How could this happen?

Probably an error with Poke Genie

Yeah exactly…
Happened this me too :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:
I luckily seen this post
I marked a blissey favourite very long back
"I’ll mark favourite online if they are 80IV +
And today when i checked it’s iv it was 60IV "I was confused 1 sec why did i marked this favourite
And later i rechecked it’s Name it was Blissey 85IV
Than i understood Niantic Corrupted their game completely

Yeah guys like you say it’s error
Because you will be here forever

I mean it’s plausible that it’s an error, just like it’s plausible that someone lowered their IV

Just in case, correct your PokeGenie scan by clicking that icon who reads the appraisal from your trainer. I noticed that Genie leaves a margin on most of scans, so I always use this feature to add the appraisal to it.

Thank you for the help. Im not sure I underStand the recommendation. Can you tell me where to find this option?

Also IVs never change

Click the ribbon like button,second from the top in pokegenie scan I think (turns blue)

Then explain why a 15 15 15 on June 6th is now only 11/12, 10/12, 13? I certainly Cannot explain. Glitch somewhere. Add to this. A 86% caught Latios is now 84. Raquazza caught was at 78 now 77. Shiny Lugia caught at 87% now is only 82%. Ho oh caught at 98% is now only 93%. and Mew2 caught at 84% is now 83%. I don’t appreciate anyone screwing with my stuff. This is stealing

Your Pokémon didn’t change, it is the app you are using. Check your appraisal in game, if the preciously perfect Pokémon appraises in game as amazing/Wow, wonder/exceed etc then it is still perfect.

Ultimately, if this was happening there would be widespread reports in game. As there are no reports that IVs changing the problem most likely is caused with the checker.

Has your trainer level changed and if so have you updated that in the app? Was the trainer level correct at the time you caught the Pokémon? Have you tried any other apps to confirm? Have you compared the CP to any charts?


78 and now 77?
Do the math, one IV is around 2.2222222 if I remember correctly
This means that it was between 77 and 78, one app just rounds it up and one rounds it down

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Did you add any increases in your trainer level? Did you appraise the Mon when it was in a range and the app didnt know the exact IVs?

Everything is pointing to a wrong setting in the IV checker.


You could have mistaken the Pokémon for a 100% when it isn’t. It needs to say “ exceeds my calculations”, “ battle with the best of them “ or “(I don’t know valour!!)”. Happens to me all the time.