Niantic Announces 2020 Event Location Submissions | Pokemon GO Hub

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I am brainstorming with two communities how we can bring this to the Zuiderpark (the Hague) or Vondelpark (Amsterdam)

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Already tryed but, there are massive rules:
You need to get support from, at least, one telecom company, that offers free wifi connections to anyone that enters the designed space;
You need to get some company that offers some docking, to charge cell phones, at least, for 10% of the tickets made available;
Some local support to get water, food and medical support available;
Have a community support of, at least, 2000 players.

So it will be hard to get for most of the countries. :expressionless:

Zuiderpark. Closer to my home :joy:

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Hope to have it here in the Philippines!

The Denver Discord is trying to organize something on their end since we have a large park area in the middle of Denver.

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