Next gen 4 wave

What Pokemon do you think we will se in the next gen 4 wave


New Sinnoh Stone evos is my guess.

Haven´t saw Finneon yet.
This morning was a “perfect” morning: Won a Raid level 3, Caught a Lunatone (didn´t had), completed Meltan quest and when i was about to move away from the Gym, a Croagunk showed up (didn´t had it).
In the late afternoon saw another Croagunk but it runned after the first ball and caught a Rain Castaform (didn´t had it).
So im just missing Finneon (plus some more Croagunk and Skorupi to evolve them).


My bet is the remaining pre-Sinnoh Pokemon Evolutions. We’re actually overdue for it.

EDIT: Hopefully the coming of Mamoswine for Community Day harkens the arrivals of the others soon. I have a Magnezone I really want to have.


At least Mamoswine for the CD of February.

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