Next Ex Raid boss

Who’s up next?
Will this “feature” that many hate be deleted?

Drop your ideas.

Who will replace Mewtwo

  • Deoxy
  • Darkrai
  • Arceus
  • Metal Mewtwo( :crazy_face: )

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Deoxys :sunglasses:

Metal Mewtwo

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Normal move: Psystrike
Charge move: Psystrike
Metal Mewtwo OP OP OP

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Lol 600 dps

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Darkrai is probably the most likely fit since there’s no proper way to handle Deoxys’ forms issue


Speed form will change the game?

Are there other pokemon that rely on speed?? @Necrozmadabest

If not, revamping game for 1 mon sounds funny to me

You only said mythicals

There are, like Ninjask or Greninja

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drop names.

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I think that implementing speed in dodging would mess up many Mons like Gengar and (especially) Deoxys-A
Maybe lower the cooldown of moves?

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What’s metal Mewtwo?

I personally feel that would the right way.
atm i feel as if “bigger” pokemon dodge easier. Such as tyranitar. might jus be me but when i swipe to dodge it dodges more smoothly.

and lower cool down is also amazingly good too.

@SnivyStar Metal Mewtwo is Mewtwo with technological armour on it to enhance it’s psychic powers. It is from the first movie. Briefly Giovanni had Metal Mewtwo until Mewtwo grew tired of following humans orders and destroyed the armour and went to the cave you catch it in Pokemon yellow/red/blue

I added it for lols, it has never been in any game.


Ah yea, I remember that but I didn’t know it was called metal Mewtwo, I just call it Giovanni s mewtwo

Well, just easier dodging (or bigger windows) would make Gengar, Garchomp, Deoxys and such lose a lot of both attack and defense (since speed would no longer be included) and not get much in exchange, while making Snorlax and similar all the more powerful

Good thing not everyone dodges right. Pvp up nextt

Having all the deoxy types in raid such as what they did for Regis makes more sense to me than it being Ex.


I mean I can see deoxy’s being ex. Maybe darkrai as well, but I feel like darkrai could be done through a quest that also gives you a chance to get cresslia since it kinda makes sense since they are “a duo”. Personally I think it’s hard to say, gen 4 has I believe 9 legendaries and 5 mythical (4 if you don’t include phione) I cant see any of the legendaries getting EX passes. Same goes for the mythicals.


All who guessed deoxy can pat themselves on the back😁

Never heard about the deoxys before this; I only ‘guessed’ correctly after niantic sent the news through the game…