Next community event

Next community event who wants it to be what
Dratini again
Who knows what?
Put below what you want it to be


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Since I expect they’ll all be Gen1, at least till the end of the year, I’m guessing it will be Charmander or Squirtle. Maybe Abra or Geodude. If we’re REALLY lucky: Eevee! (I so hope so, but don’t count on it)

We already have made something like this.
If you want a link, I place it tomorrow.

I want it to be Eevee, but if you want to have all Eeveelutions shiny you need 5 already, +2 from GEN 4 so thats 7 total, and thats assuming you get lucky with all 3 differents forms from GEN 1. And since i average 1,66 shinys per community day, i dont think ill get them all…

I think and hope it will me squirtle or charmander with the other one being for the may event. Charmander has one of the coolest shinies in the game, so they may save that for last.

EEVEE, PLEASE! Niantic…Please read this…

Both my kids still need Squirtle and Charmander.

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Slakoth please


MAreep ey

I don’t have ampharos bit like cenasor did not have have 3 now one 10p Iv one shiny and one normal one

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