News update: Lugia will return to Pokemon GO until 2nd April

Note: The move ‘Sky Attack’ for Lugia will be stronger than before. The starting date will be 17/3 in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and 16/3 in America.


Now, if only they let us put that thing in the gym…

Great, I will be out of town. Mind translating a bit more? When is this starting?


I’m way more excited about that then getting the other Gen 3 Legendaries. I don’t have any before Groudon.

Very happy for them to start re-releasing the old legendaries. Only have Kyogre and Rayquaza so I’ll happily take any others.

This is great, this is one of the legendary I want really bad. I only have groudon, kyogre, rayquaza, and mewtwo.

Meh, I guess its nice to battle an old boss, and better than nothing, but I just hope Lugia would actually be useful

Eh, not real exciting. I’ll probably just use the free daily pass for this one

I am glad some people who weren’t able to get it before will have a chance, but I’ll be happy to take a little raid break for a few weeks

You don’t have groudon?

Unfortunately not, I only found local raid groups just before Kyogre left, then when all three came back I was away on holiday so wasn’t playing. Missed out on Groudon…