News - Regirock, Regice and Registeel added to Pokémon GO network traffic!

I’ve heard some rumours either that they gonna be the new Tier 5 Raid bosses.

Regice is the new Tier 5 boss until July 19th.

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Yep, they’ll be raid 5 bosses. Like everyone was expecting and basically everyone was dreading

Please not a moth of each one :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:.
Hopefully as previous mentioned All 3 at once so people can chose which one they want.
Might be a good source of Rare Candy mining if they are relatively easy to beat.

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i like how the GoHub shares my feeling of being exhausted of all the hardcore raiding and welcomes these boring raids. I did 8 raids last night, 6 kyogre and 2 mawile and i could use some easy-time.

Biggest question is: all 3 at once or monthly rotation per region? I know what i want, but i’ve been wrong more often lately so /cross fingers

Monthly rotation, it’s what they’ve done before.

All 3 at once is no fun.
With 1 month its already very hard to get one!

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Well, we know now. (If you haven’t seen, it’s Regice)