News - Raid Boss List: November 2018, Eeveelutions edition

Question. Do shiny Alolan Marowak & shiny Alolan Raichu have a 100% catch rate as well?

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The precedent is shiny raid Pokémon are set that way, so it is probably a safe bet


Is the only way to get Alola Marowak from raids? I’ve never seen an Alola Cubone, so evolving an Alola Marowak seems unlikely.

The only way to get Alolan Marowak is raiding it. Alolan Cubone doesn’t exist.

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I remember reading somewhere (but where?) that we could get one by evolving a regular Cubone at night. But that sounds like a dubious projection of the Eevee-to-Umbreon technique.

I wish it were true, though; because on my attempts to raid Alola Marowak were spectacularly unsuccessful, even with two trainers. (Almost as tough as a Tyranitar boss)

No one wants to raid it any more after it’s in the dex

The lower tiers raid bosses are dominant by electric type.

Now I’ve finally got the Vote Yes Goose the only thing I will bother to Raid now for the rest of the month is:
Shinx - only for the Shiny
Mawile - only for the Shiny
Absol - giives ok rewards and Shiny is a possible bonus
Anything on the Ex Gym for a one time Raid to Trigger
Nothing else holds any interest or use so Passes will not be wasted.

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