News - PokeStop submissions leak in Pokemon GO network traffic, soon to be live in Brazil and South Korea

5 a day? Thats incredibly high. Ingress players get 14 every 2 weeks (so average 1 per day).
I hope a review system will also come to PoGO. There is no way Ingress players are going to be able to keep up with all the submissions.
But overall, this is exciting (tough pretty late to the party) and im looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Child accounts may not do Pokéstop Submissions…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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You aren’t rural…

And don’t you have @Punica?

I have 0 gyms while you have over 60.

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Time to drop my Level 3 Ingress account… :rofl:

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They can’t make it level 40 only. What about rurals with no stops at all?

I think Niantic will lower the required level after the tests.

They cant make it to low. Then people will just get multiple accounts to submit more. And its pretty easy to rank fast in PoGO. You might not get a good team but who needs that for submissions right?

I’d say TL30-35.

There’s some pretty hefty mechanics behind the stop submission if/once it is approved. Skip to 3:30 - 4mins for info on how it works once the submission is approved. Safe to say you shouldn’t expect a gym to appear straight away!

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