News - Pokemon GO Special trading event is live, featuring 25% reduced trading cost and extra candy

Wow this comes out of nowhere.

And isn’t useful for me. Add international trading!


That will ruin WHOLE the game
That will make everyone complete the game
Maybe increase range to 1-5km or something?

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Anyone else completely disappointed with this event?


It’s not a really nice event IMHO. It’s not even useful for me.

Yes.My PTC Account can sadly not trade and add friends.I am already dissapointed about trading acctully.


Yeah, it does seem like Niantic are trying way to hard to make people use this current trading system which (IMO) could easily be 10x better if they added in the right features (international trades with great friends, wonder trading, etc:)


It’s not useful in any way to solo players. I mean, we can’t even buy the “bad” gift boxes.

Trading is cool, but I personally don’t think this should be called an event. This should more be an extra to existing events. It’s like an event only giving double candies for grass types. Not a full event. Double candies for grass types is fine if it has increased grass spawns, and new shiny grass types, but on it’s own it isn’t enough.

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3x xp for catching spinda…
And ultra box is super awesome but i kust bought storage for 2000 coins…

Solo players? As in rurals?

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Solo players and/or rurals.

So urbans but with no nearby players?


Or urbans who don’t want to play with others.

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But then its their problem if they refuse to

No, In this case I’m referring to people with no nearby players. I live near stops so I’m not "rural":grin::joy:

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Or the people in their discord are awful.

It would be great if there wasn’t a event and they added international trading, which would make weird events like these halfway decent.

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