News - Niantic reveals Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus event


Ima go back to sleep. To much hype for me.


I’m loving it! :heart: I finally have chance to complete my Kanto Pokedex. I can also get all the shiny legendary birds I missed and I don’t have to travel to get regionals! And on top of all that - Mewtwo! :star_struck:


We are giving maybe the last chance to complete our Kanto dex before gen 4 hits, got some questions:

1/ When will the 7km egg have the region exclusives? Received them on Sept 13 or later via gifts?

2/ How will the 7km egg hatch the region exclusive? For example, will 7km egg from Europe only give Mr. Mime? Or will it be random, like 7km egg from Americas will still give Mr. Mime?

3/ Will the 7km egg received after Sept. 13 ONLY hatch the region exclusive, not Alolan?

I guess time will answer above questions.

Presumably the eggs will only be in eggs from gifts collected and received after the event goes live in the 13th.

No idea on how it will work, my guess would be random distribution of eggs since not all trainers have international friends.

Not sure if this will be an addition or if the will be exclusive during the event.

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I think the eggs will have everything, but for the region question it is a 50/50

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