News - Niantic announces Adventure Sync

At the end it comes, same functionality as walking with GO+ without catching or spinning.


Yeah… Doesnt seem very exciting.

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Well, i think t is cool. I dont want to buy Pokemon go +

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Is this live yet?


@BB-Box: No, it’s not live, it’s feature to come

@Brobraam: You will not have to buy a GO+. What I say is, that this feature will be very similar to what the users of GO+ have today.

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I know i do not have to buy one. But i dont want to buy one, even if it was the only way to get that.
Thanks anyway


It may have another benefit over Go+ - and it is a benefit I’m pretty excited about.

Google Fit does not use GPS to track steps. I tend to walk a lot for exercise, but in a fairly small loop indoors; this activity winds up logging NO steps in Pokemon Go currently. If I can turn on Fit for my exercise walking, and get credit for that activity, that will be awesome.

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My son got straight A’s, so we get to open Let’s Go Pikachu on release day. Does the Pokeball thing that comes with it have anything to do with this?

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The go plus can catch and spin stops and this cant do this.

But : adventure sinc gives rewards!!!

What does the Pokeball thing that comes in the Switch bundle do?

It is a go plus for pokemon go and a way to earn walking distance for Lets go

So… I have to carry it around with me when playing PoGo? I’m going to sync it with my son’s phone so I guess he will carry it around. I’ll probably have him trade me Meltan then.

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Or melmetal

No, you dont have to carry it, it is your choice, see.

No. Still don’t understand how it works. I’m sure my son will figure it out.

Good explanation.

Works as a go plus for Pokemon GO. You can walk around clicking the button to catch pokemon and spin stops. You DO NOT have to have it with you if you don’t want to.

Also works as something that tracks kms for lets go.

What don’t you get? @bobbyjack8

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