News - News Roundup: Shiny Meltan and EX Raids!

Not sure, if this is the place to discuss this…
But this is almost more disturbing to me than Feebas day… Not really for me personally, but when thinking about other players.

Announcing a limited-time (!!!) shiny that is only available through the Switch (!!!) and announcing it after the event started without
any advance notice, so that many players are just f***ed because they opened their mystery box shortly before and now will miss
up to 3 box openings, which equals about 57 Meltan for the hardcore player!

The event lasts for a month, but many will completely miss the first week because of their current 7 day timer,
and they will feel cheated when they don’t get their shiny until the event ends - just like on Feebas day.
Maybe even more, because this event is only and really only about the shiny…
I try hard not to do any Niantic bashing, but it becomes harder with almost every event…


They just keeping adding any doing more things that not every player can do. They’ve got some people in charge that have a bad case of tunnel vision.
Hey, but while they keep making millions $$ they don’t need to listen to a few 1000 salty players.


I’m lucky enough to be able to do this, yet still dislike the idea. It’s exclusion and it concerns me that it won’t stop at Meltan.


Niantic have consistantly shown they don’t give a stuff about excluding players from catching everything.
You could bet everything you own that more exclusive Pokémon will be added to the Switch. I do want to get my own at some point but have way too many priorities for the high cost of one atm.
I’ll keep an eye on the local Crime Converters (real name Cash Converters) stores for a more sensible cost Pre-owned one. I’m sure heaps of druggies will need to hock one for their fix at some point.

The only reason for me to play that boring game again lol

If I get multiple shiny meltan, ill trade for sure.

Can you trade Meltan? It’s mythical right?

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I think he means he’ll trade his second Shiny Meltan to Pokémon Let’s GO.

Is that possible, trade mythical in Let’s Go?

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Yes, you can trade Meltan in game.


No, I already beat the game and don’t see a point to that.

But yes, @MrHeineken88 meltan is mythical but it can be traded.



404 Meltan Not found :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:


Shiny, high level, 96%

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