News - New Wave of EX Passes: June 12th and 13th 2018

Can’t Niantic just let us raid them on Sunday? This really made me happy I did not get any!!

3 locations, all at 13:00. Im starting to see a patern here :joy:

I have got one

I got one, but it’s during school on wednesday

That’s a problem, indeed. I hope it’s in the weekend any time soon?

It will be several weeks before Weekends are back on the roster.
We have to get through the multiple Thursday and Friday Raids yet.

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Why not something like:
You have made a raid in the right moment on the right place, so you receive a pass to elect on a roster of several dates and places to make your ex-raid encounter?


The problem would be people turning up I guess

Quite right, but it’s posible to solve it. Maybe, two days before the date, if there are not enough players, you send the passes back and they have to get another date.

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