News - Mewtwo's Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam Charged Moves to Become Legacy

I’m ok with Hyper Beam but Shadow Ball? Why?

Ikr, hopefully they recompensate with Future Sight or Psystrike.

Took me 11 CTMs to get SB on my 3rd candidate

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I have two 82% level 20 Mewtwo with 14 attack, one with Confusion and Psychic and another with Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam, I am thinking whether I should change the Hyper Beam one to Shadow Ball before Sept. 20.

Gee I hope something good is going to replace Shadow Ball as I have no good MewTwo on my account and was hoping the month of Raids was going to fix that.

I have a maxed 98iv confusion/ focusblast, 15attk a 89iv 15 attack with psycho cut/ shadowball and another sb mewtwo 91iv 14 attk. Im gonna collect some charge tms and change my others to sb for trades lmbo

On another note maybe theyll fix psystrike and we’ll forget about sb

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That would be good, but shadow ball Mewtwo is one of the top counters for Mewtwo raids.
I have none…

If you want Shadow Ball Mewtwo, get it NOW!


@Necrozmadabest @5GodLink @Mew1 @NotanotherKangaskhan @PhilosophyLady @Thorend @MrHeineken88 @Kevin260709 @KingQ07 good luck.



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Not going to work for me, no Mewtwo and no Ex-Raid pass.

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Same :wink:

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I know, this is bad…

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Source? Would love to know its legit before i waste all my TM’s on this.

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@Robdebobrob go to here

Anyone go here if you don’t believe the post.

Meh, already have it, this means I need to get another great one for Psystrike

Guys, i think psystrike is coming our way. Or future sight