News - March Research Day announced!

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I like it, Especially that 11-8 time frame.


It’s also Lotad. I approve because that means there’s a good chance of me getting a fantastic Lotad. It’s been a curse of mine since Gen 3 launched.

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Glad I didn’t evolve another Lotad. Will save my candy in case I get a Shiny.


lol Lotad is the one mon I always find shiny in the main games without fail, I have like 4 shiny lombres. Looking forward to this

I generally prefer the Community Day format to the Research Day format.
Not as much as I prefer Lotad to Treecko, though.
(And neither comes close to being my favorite March Pokemon Go event; Rayquaza Revival Weekend already won that designation easily.)


Can someone please tell me if this field research is worth holding onto throughout community day? I only have 1premium raid pass so at best I’ll have 3/5raids cleared today. I couldn’t find the reward listed anywhere. Usually I do CD field research tasks only to mac up on as much CD goodness as possible

I believe it’s an aeodactyl, not 100% positive though

Thanks! I already have a shiny Aerodactyl & one that’s lucky who’s CP is the same as the year I was born so I’m not going to level it higher. I kept the one I got to clear the meltan research as well. It might get transferred soon tho. Appreciate your help!

Same here, so if I have to work, (starting or ending at 2:00 pm), I can take part anyway.

I Hate this sooooo much.
I’ve walked 212 kms with lotad…, five months total

Ive got a pretty high 100% Ludicolo. THATS a curse. Dude shows up in almost every recommended gym setup as the first pick. If i could lower his level i instantly would.

But yeah the event seems pretty solid. My shift ends at 14:00 so plenty of time left to participate.

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