News - Celebi quest line, Silver Pinap Berry and Johto Festival quests found in network traffic

Wondering if new shinies are walking around now with the Johto Festival event.


Just read through this and tbh am a little disappointed at how easy it is, kinda wanted a bit more of a challenge so it would feel more special. This time it feels like they’ve made it super easy and are adding things to just stop people finishing it too quick like with mew.

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Challenge like what tho?

Well at least like the mew quest, tbh I wanted a bit more of a step up in challenge from mew

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@Pokemon found a shiny natu so maybe

I legit found one


Okay. I believe it to be natu and sunkern only because of this line of text.

it says Johto pokemon like Natu and Sunkern will appear more frequently in the wild.

Line 3 of Features.

Anyone get the pinap

There really are! Shiny Natu, Sunkern & Pineco are in the game now if I’m right!

there are (Natu,Xatu,Pineco,Forretress,Sunkern,Sunflora). Hope that was helpful!

I already know thatūüėā But thanks.


And the silver pinap :sweat_smile:

Only for the Celebi quest it seems
Given how good the berry is, Im not surprised

Yep, what will you use them on?

Probably nothing, Golde Razz has better catchrate so no point is using SP over GR on a lets say 100IV Legendary and if it really is that rare, it probably isnt worth replacing Pinap with it anyways