News - Brandon Tan, #1 Pokemon GO player, has been suspended for 30 days

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Should be permanent

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Not even surprised. I saw that interview months ago, and one of Nick’s followers asked “What does Brandon do for a living”. Nick cut off, and replied to Brandon something like “You don’t have to answer this kind of personal question. What one does for a living is his bussiness.” Brandon just replied “Yea, I catch Pidgeys for a living.” There’s no way he hit his scores along with a full time job.

What bothers me the most is: why would someone pay almost US$370 for a 100% Mewtwo, on a tap tap battle game? PoGo’s battle system is ridiculous, even Niantic knows that because they made a good job designing the game not to be a pay-to-win thing.

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It’s ridiculous that he can try to win from innocent people with too much money.

For me he has to be banned permanently, as said by @Necrozmadabest


If I would have known about this I would have paid for a hundred IV Mewtwo with Shadow Ball

The fact that he sells Mewtwo 100 ivs for $500!!! Is insane. He should’ve been banned


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I don’t know it’s kind of hard to say on this I knew a guy who paid someone $7,000 for Final Fantasy mobile account


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Yup no lie

:open_mouth::open_mouth: that’s just crazy.
Pre Gen 2days I know some one that was being Paid to play someone else’s account. He was being paid $1 for every Dratini he caught for this person. Not enough to make a living off of but still amazing.

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Yup he is a truck driver that comes to my job and I know another driver who paid 4000 for a mobile game account called demonKerr I think that’s how you spell it

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