News - Body Slam Snorlax announced as a July Field Research weekly Stamp reward!

Hopefully we get something like 5 rare candy per box or something that would actually make it better


I want dat rare candy. I always get pokeballs! Is shiny snorlax a possiblity ?

Not too excited about a Level 15 Snorlax but it will be nice to get a small batch of Snorlax candy each week for a month.

Hopefully but this is the wrong way to do it because no matter how hard you work, you only get 4/5 chances

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Wouldn’t mind a chance at shiny snorlax. If not…think i can take it easy next month.

I’ll still claim reward stamp everyday for Snorlax candy at end of week but those Level 15 Snorlaxes will die in a gym somewhere.

i dont give a s*** abut snorlax. If someone wants to knock down a gym they will. Even a level 25 can knock down anything. No point in having an army of snorlax and blissey

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To be honest it’s like changing level 5 raid boss to snorlax. That’s the way most people get their legendaries. As I am in a rural area the breakthrough boxes are my only supply of legendaries.

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And I got raids with multiple lobby’s of 20 people :slight_smile: no need for breakthrough boxes

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