News - Analysis of Pokemon GO 0.125.1 APK: Adventure sync, fitness goals, smart watches and more


Well, I’ve installed this 0.125.1. Up to now without problems. And as told I installed as well Google Fit (for Android Users). So I have to wait only that Ninatic press the button and Adventure Sync starts…

I’ve sawn just now an effect… before installing I could stay in my room and after 20 mins a 5km egg was hatched , because I was continouily walking on the screen… now I’m fixed in one point of the map. (Or maybe it’s only an effect of the bad weather. There are thunderstorm here, and I can’t see Satelie-TV, so maybe the GPS doesn’t work and only the secondary positioning works.)

Wait until the storm is over.

GPS issues have been crap since the beggining of Halloween.


I was actually at the stops :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Imagine you drift and get the shiny shuppet

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