News: 0.115.3 APK mine: SSL and device permission changes

Wrong section.

Hmm an update, but still not in my store, don’t even have 115.2 in store jet. Most resent version: 111.4.

Pokemon GO hacked my phone :joy:

Niantic isn’t worse than google or apple

True :joy::joy::joy::+1:

Same, im so confused right now :sweat_smile:

It is just gone live in my store.

Not here…



I have Android 8.1

I have Samsung J7

I have a Nokia 8 Sirocco. Awesome phone. really fast, never lags. Is this update in your store?

1.115.2 had a problem with the tgype background of Pokemon (pink waves for psychics, bubbles for water types, you get it)

Yep, already updated.

never had 115.2, went from 111.4 to 115.3

Found a new bug.

Look at the first topsymbol, that supposed to be a pokeball…(One of my Pokémon got kicked out of a gym).

And the icon changed

?? :thinking: Wrong photo? :thinking: