*New* Work-Around For Gym Attacks!

What’s up fellow trainers!?
I feel that I’ve found a work-around for what I consider to be the most annoying part of attacking an enemy gym. This may not be something that works for everyone, but I’ve had great success with it.

For me, the trouble began when I attacked my first gym (post update) and encountered the “switch attacker” bug. It drove me crazy!!! On top of that, I disliked the fact of, after battling one Pokémon (with my specifically chosen counter), it now showed the cool new graphic for the next matchup, BUT, without allowing you to select your next attacker. I hate it!

What should be implemented is this:
Display the same graphic showing the next match-up, with the ability for the user to select “next Pokémon” before clicking the continue/battle button. This one simple change could improve the user experience so greatly and I hope that with the (rumored) coming addition of “Battle Teams”, something like this will follow.

Here’s my solution:

  1. Pick your attacking Pokémon for the first defender you face
  2. Annihilate them
  3. Instead of continuing to the next battle, leave!
  4. Continue doing this until motivation loss causes the defender to faint and exit gym
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the rest of the gym

Feedback Appreciated!
Curious to read through what people think of this. I haven’t seen anyone discuss this method on these forums, any of my local fb groups or YouTuber’s.

@Skrapz, yes, it works well, I have had some success using this method. I was halfway through clearing a gym, when someone added another Pokémon, but I didn’t see anyone around, maybe they were parked up in a car, anyway, I quit at that point, so as not to waste any more revives and potions, only to be taken out immediately. It is a good way to battle though… if there is no one around.

I tried this as soon as the new gyms became available with the exact same reasoning, but there was a bug where after completely defeating that first defender and starting to battle the second it would error out. This was confirmed by a few other people on Reddit, and some said it was basically a lockout that lasted around 15 minutes. It wasn’t a one-off thing either - it happened every single time I tried it.

So is this bug fixed?

I’ve encountered the same bug a lot, because I only attack that way. Otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance without blowing massive stacks of revives and potions. I don’t think it’s been fixed, but I have found two possible workarounds for it:

a) After encountering the error for the first time move to another gym, spin its disc, then return to the gym you want to take down. For me that always made me able to battle again

b) If no gym is nearby or you don’t want to move around so much and lose time that way, what has also worked for me was to never quit directly after the first battle, but to always do two battles. It’s a bit more intense on the resources, but quitting after the second battle has reliably avoided the error for me

What I haven’t tested yet is what would happen if you go into the second battle and run away immediately.

If they just get rid of the glitch when you switch Pokémon, make the attack bars and hp bars follow some kind of logical sequence rather than just randomly going up and down and stop the app from crashing so damn much I’ll be happy