New Top Defenders

For the new system, I would recommend NEVER putting a Gyarados or Rhydon in a gym. I always regrettably placed them in gyms using the old system because it was based on high CP, not defensive stats. However, now that gym placement is not based on CP anymore (which is by far my favorite feature of the update so far), you can use pokemon that are amazing defenders, but have been long underestimated due to CP limitations. Umbreon, for example, excels at soaking up damage with its very high DEF stat and HP. His CP currently doesn’t get much past 1600, but he is a MUCH better defender than a Gyarados or Rhydon. Umbreon is also a dark type, with few counters available (unless you’ve played the main series games to know that fighting could be used). Another good one is Steelix, which has the highest DEF stat available except for shuckle. Foretress, Wigglytuff, and Wobaffet can also now be great additions to gyms without CP limitations. Maybe the Battledex will also include new entries on some of these new rising defenders! If you have any other ideas of good defenders/strategies, be sure to share your knowledge here!


I’ve been looking for an excuse to put Wobbuffet in a gym.

Gonna try hypno with conf/shadowball only cause it’s a old 100% legacy Pokémon I found a while ago in my pokedex thank the pok gods it was kinda high cp cause I transferred a lot of lower Hypnos I wish I could go back and find out how many 100% I let go because of bad movesets

So, what shall i aim for a defensive Pkmn. High defense, high stamina and high cp value?
Are Mantine, Milktank, Skarmory and Cloyster good picks? Is it worth powering them up?

I think anything with good defense and hp with as few counters that are super effective as possiable but we all know veterans of this game can take down any gym with ease no matter how good your pok is im only lvl 37 and only lost to 1 gym since I was battle ready they were all lvl 10 before the update new gyms seem different like the quick and charge meter jumps around , before it was fluid and my pok shakes before battle kinda neat though…

my defender logic;

  • avoid same typing already in the gym (reasoning: they’ll have to be creative with movesets, or keep swapping pokemons)
  • always toss in a blissey if possible
  • use mons with non-traditional movesets
  • make sure there’s a dragonite counter in there somewhere

however, i’m not too picky. the gym swaps are fairly frequest, so i sometimes toss troll mons in there (2k Pinsirs are my favourite, also a Starmie with hidden power grass).