New to the app; Need help finding Eevee

I started playing this game for the first time last week to see what I have missed out on over the past 3 years. I have been blessed with good luck finding 4 Vulpix(my favorite Pokemon), especially since they are considered rare. The next Pokemon I want to have most of all is an Eevee. I want to have a Flareon. I want to have mostly fire type Pokemon. I have had no luck on finding Eevee so far. I even went into town, which is a very small place, but kept finding more the same Pokemon - mostly boring mons I’m so sick of seeing like Seedot, Treecko, Shuppet, Turtwig, and Stunky. At least I found another Vulpix around there. I can never have too many Vulpix. I plan to evolve one of them into Ninetales.
I live in the Southern California mountains, so the weather has been sunny everyday since I started playing the app. I read that Eevee would usually spawn during cloudy or partly cloudy days being a normal type. I saw that Eevee can also hatch from an egg - an egg that hatches at a walking distance of 5 km(3.1 miles), which is an egg with orange spots. I am incubating an egg with orange spots right now and I can only hope there is an Eevee inside.
I wonder why I have not found any Eevees in my area. Does the weather have something to do with it? Does it have to be cloudy or partially cloudy for Eevees to show up?

Eevee is only currently available from the 7 day quests sadly.

I’ve seen an Eevee or two in the wild, but they are super rare right now. I also believe that they still hatch from eggs?

@RedFireFox: If you click the binoculars over the Poke-radar, you’ll find tasks to complete. You get these from spinning stops. If you complete one a day for 7 straight days, you get rewarded this month’s special Pokemon. For the remainder of October, that’s Eevee.

Also: If you get a task you don’t want, click the X in the right corner of it to get rid of it You can only hold three tasks at a time.

Good luck!

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Thank you!

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You’re welcome! You’ve definitely come to the right place for help. :slight_smile:

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one more comment:
although you may not like them too much - try to catch every pokemon you see, do not leave them because they are boring / not as nice :slight_smile:
here is why:

  • each catch gives you stardust - you do not need to worry about this now, but it will come a time when you will find this very important, so for now just catch as many pokemons as you can
  • with each catch you are becoming better and better in catching them - and there is no other way of becoming good at this - experiment with spinning the ball; you really need to try this thousands of times before you become really good at this - it will help when you finally find what you are looking for

friend of mine is also focused on Eeve :slight_smile: she is building “Eeve army” :smile:
I took this picture for her once - from the gym I visited - you will probably like is also