New to Pokemon Go

Hi yall! I downloaded the game a couple days ago and just hit level 10 today! Hurray!

I’m having a ton of fun with it, but I’m a little confused on the powering up/evolving stuff that I was hoping someone here might be able to explain more or link me to somewhere else?

The stuff I’ve read has said to not worry about powering/evolving anything till around level 20 (I already transferred a few mons before doing my research lol). My problem is deciding who to level up over others? I don’t really understand was CP is and I’ve read things saying I should both ignore it or not ignore it. And does the amount of stardust matter when deciding who to power up or not?

Do they keep the moves they have or do they change when they level up?

I just don’t understand the science behind picking the Pokemon to invest all your resources into and was hoping someone could help me out! Or at the least link me to somewhere that explains it all.

Thanks guys :smiley:

Sorry for my noobness lol


stardust and candy are some of the most important items in game. Both are used to increase your Pokemon Cp.

When you catch a Pokemon you should always “apraise” it. See if it has hp/atk/def this will determine wheather your Pokemon is more diverse in a certain area. It is possible to have 2 or all 3.

Save and stack your stardust and candy.
If battling pokemon gyms try to dodge when you see the flash to decrease damage taken by “Dodging”

Everyday you can get a “Free Raid Pass” which you can use to battle a Tier1-5 pokemon in a raid. Best to do so in a big group at your level you will fair better in groups of 10+ people.

You can change your Pokemon moves with “Fast TM” for fast moves and “Charged TM” for charged moves. You recieve these possibly from raiding, at times you may not recieve any. It is randomly generated prizes from raiding.

Higher the Cp the stronger your Pokemon. But those 3 stats you apraise your Pokemon are basically IV where it can vary from 0-15. When you see it says it’s impressed with atk hp or def it means thats the highest stat on that Pokemon.

My advice is to save all your stardust and collect candy.

Blissy is a tank in defending gyms.
Tyranitar is good for attacking gyms.
Mewtwo can be attained by recieving a •EX Raid Pass• These are more rare passes you attain through doing Normal Raids Tier1-5 at sponsered (sprint / starbucks) gyms and Parks. It’s rather rare and hard to get. Just got to raid alot alot alot.


Hey, and welcome to Pokémon Go,

The average player powers Pokémon up and evolves their Pokémon based on what are known as IV’s. These are ‘hidden’ stats which tell you how strong your Pokémon could get once you’ve powered it up. When you click on the side button on a Pokémon it will have a button called ‘appraise’. Once you click on the button it will list off some stats and say how good they are. Personally I don’t use this feature that much. Alternatively, you can download an app called PokeGenie. All you need to do is scan a screenshot of your Pokémon into the app and it will tell you how good your Pokémon is (out of 100)

A Pokémon will keep the same moves when you power it up, but won’t keep the same moves when you evolve it. The amount of Stardust it could cost to power up does make a difference. If you have 2 charmander of equal IV, and one costs 50,000 Stardust To power up while the other costs 150,000 Stardust to power it up you’re better off powering up the one that costs less. Stardust is a valuable resource, so use it well.

There are a select few Pokémon which most players invest Stardust into due to their enormous attacking/defending power. Things like Dragonite, Tyranitar And Blissey all make great Pokémon to power up.

I know this all sounds complicated but it gets a lot easier to understand once you look into it a little bit. I hope you enjoy your time playing Pokémon Go!


-Catch every Eevee you can!
-Whenever you catch an Eevee that appraises to have awesome or the best stats, set it apart to evolve it sometime in the future.
-Whenever you catch an Eevee that has the maximum amount of CP (the white arc in the background is completely “full”, evolve it as soon as possible.
-Transfer any other Eevees you catch for candy.

The latter Eevees (the ones with max CP) will evolve into instant strong Pokemon, while the former (the ones with a very high appraisal) have the potential to become even better than that, but will require a lot of candy to get there, so they’re for long-term plans.

-Whenever you catch a Pokemon you don’t want to loose, like one that got a high appraisal, tick the favourite button (a star in the top right corner) for it! That way, you won’t accidentally transfer it. You can favourite all your Pokemon if you want, I haven’t found a limit to the use of that button, so simply use it for every Pokemon you don’t want to loose.


I disagree with ‘max amount of cp = instant evolve’.

He is only level 10. Why waste candy on evolving a low level eevee? just stick with appraisal, and save everything.

Honestly, i’d go as far as to say to not evolve or powerup anything before he understands the game better. By then he has more candy and dust. Don’t risk making mistakes when candy and dust are hard to get.

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It won’t cost dust, since you only evolve, not level. But evolving max CP Eevees does give some decent units to start on the Tier 1 raids and playing around with near-depleted gyms (maybe also meet some local players who get tired of you capping the place xD). There isn’t much else to use revives and healthpotions on, waiting for level 20 to do so will only result in an inventory overflowing with those things, leaving little space for balls.

My best low level investment was definitely on getting a Jolteon, a Flareon and a Vaporeon. Especially the Jolteon is useful right now, because both Magicarp and Wailmer are weak to it. Which gives an easy early start on Golden Razzberries, Rare Candies, lots of XP, and even the occasional Charged/Fast TM.


Fair point.

Even though Eevee is pretty common with the right weather i still feel it’s a waste of those 25 candy for an evolve. More even because he’s just level 10 and his catches will be low level aswell. Getting some attackers for gyms/low raids is a good idea, but i’d stick it out some more levels and thén evolve

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Dont power-up anything until you reach higher levels
Do legendary raids (or just raids in general if you cant afford them), they give you a guaranteed level 20 Pokémon to catch
Appraise everything you catch, use CalcyIV/PokeGenie
Join gyms with free space, coins are incredibly valuable


Welcome to the game.

Another game hint that I know a lot of players use is the mass evolve. Save all the pidgies, weedles, and any other 12 candy mons, and stock up on them. Then if you have a lucky egg, fire it off, and just evolve and recycle those guys for the next half hour. You can easily earn 60,000 XP that way. At low levels, this means a lot of fast leveling.

Earn those pokecoins and focus on upgrading your storage. The more items you can carry, the more you can then focus on just catching and raiding.

Another IV app I enjoy is Calcy IV. Both are good. DOn’t forget to star the ones that you don’t ever want to accidentally recycle.


I evolved everything when I was a low-leveler. Just because I wanted to fill up my Pokédex as fast as I can. Later in the game (now), I catch lots of Pokémon to get more powerful evolves. I think you should do that too, but that’s up to you


Thanks for all the tips guys!! I didn’t even notice the appraise button till you all mentioned it haha. I’ll make sure to go hop in some raids and level up some more before I start worrying about evolving and powerups. I’ll also download those apps a couple of you mentioned.

Thanks again yall! :smile:


Never give up.

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Oh, another BIG THING. Be a nice and respectful player. Be nice to other players you meet. Establishing a community where you play is vital to the enjoyment of the game in my opinion. Also, many pokestops/gyms are at places of business. Make sure to be nice and respectful to those you may interact with that are not players. Make it so they are excited to see PokemonGo players on their doorstep, and they welcome you.

See if there is a facebook group for your local area, or a discord.


Just another helpful point about appraisals that doesn’t require third party apps are the best appraisals. If you get the following appraisals your Pokémon has 80%-100% IVs and may be worth saving.
If you are on team Mystic you want to look for, "Your Pokémon is a wonder! It is absolutely breathtaking"
If you are on team Valor you want, "Your Pokémon simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything"
If you are on team Instinct you want, "your Pokémon can really battle with the best of them"
For most Pokémon, these are the only ones you often need to use a separate app to appraise as they are the best. Hope this helps a bit, welcome to the community!


In my town, and the one next to it there is 1 sponsored gym. The bulk of our EX raid passes come from park gyms. What you really want to do is find a raid group in your area. You’ll probably bump into one eventually. The more you raid with them the better Pokémon you’ll get and the faster you’ll get them. Plus you’ll be getting big chunks of experience that will power level you. You can learn a lot from them, and where the best gyms are and where the best places to grind for items to stock your inventory. Also, when you’re raiding with a group the fact that you don’t have a bunch of great Pokémon leveled up and evolved yet matters much less. Plus you’ll be getting better Pokémon that are worthy of spending your candy and stardust on. Definitely get an appraisal system like Poke-Genie and check your IVs. I don’t power up or evolve anything below a 90 IV. This does save me plenty of stardust and candy so when I find a very good Pokémon I usually have enough. Learn to throw a curveball. This is super important. It’s going to feel like you’re wasting a ton of balls at first but eventually you’ll be able to throw one without even looking at your phone. There are tutorials online for throws. When you capture a Pokémon with a curveball your chances of catching it improve greatly, they will the better you get with landing it in the middle of the circle as well. These little things will gain you even more experience. Find places with ceilings like Walmart has, and be sure you’re playing while you’re grocery shopping. You’ll get great drift and make progress hatching eggs and getting buddy candies a bit faster. When hunting you’ll start to notice where the spawn points are. Be sure to remember where you catch the rare ones, and where the clusters are. Eventually you’ll kinda form a map in your head of where the best hunting grounds are, and those, especially the clusters will be great places to go during events! As will parks and places with high concentrations of pokestops. If you go with your raid group it is likely that they’ll lure a lot of pokestops. You’ll probably be needing to save your coins for maxing out storages for a bit. Also save pidgey and ratatta candies and other good evolutions for during a lucky egg and/or Experience events. That will level you the fastest! Well, have fun, and if the police ask you any questions just tell them you’re playing Pokémon. It tells them you’re a nerd and not doing anything bad. Anyhways have fun and be safe!

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Great info. idk why replying to me tho.

So that they don’t think that sponsored gyms are the only way to go for EX raid passes. They’re great, but so are parks. Then I just got on a roll.

I did say sponsered and parks. :man_shrugging:t5:All gucci.

Are u a rural or urban

You picked a great time to start with quests being introduced and the Kanto Event we just had for new players catching up on old monsters. Hope you are still playing.