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New TM - Community Day Moves

Community days bring tons of new event specific spawns and the opportunity to stock candies and evolve Pokémon with awesome new moves. The short event times and the fact they only happen once a month, plus the appeal of increases shiny spawns for the event draws tons of interest. It’s a win for Niantic and the community.

As the game progresses more and more players will enter community day with an existing pool of good Pokémon. I completely understand the desire of Niantic to get and keep people out playing on community day and not wanting to have players jump on for a minute, pop a TM and call it a day.

That said, an addition I would like to see is a special TM that allows you to award your existing final evolutions with the special community day moves. This special TM would be a quest reward, catch a significant number of community day Pokémon (maybe 50-100) or to fully evolve 5-8 of the event Pokémon of to earn the TM. I think it could also be awarded on community day from Gyms and Pokestops in about the same frequency as evolution items. This would allow dedicates players to play for the opportunity to reroll the moves on a couple of their favorite ‘mon but would still be rare enough to not break the game.

What do you think


Sounds good to me. I only missed out on Frenzy Plant.

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I agree, I think that’s a good idea. Maybe just one special TM per player per event


If you have to find the quest and then have to substantial amount of work to earn the reward I have no issue with multiples. If tge quests are not super common require you to play hard to earn it why not be able to multiples?


But are you thinking in quests which have to be completed inside this 3 hours of the event? It complicates still more the work you have to do. Better if at least the quests are active during the complete day.


I think you should only find quests during that 3 hour window, but you could complete them at any time. Given how rare community day spawns are, at least where I live, it would make them nearly impossible to complete.
At that point you would have to decide how long you were willing to tie up a quest slot.


Accepted, this way it works.


Me too, I missed out on Frenzy Plant.

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I really liked the idea of quests for this special TM. You could also earn it by raiding a lvl 5 of the CD pokemon final evolution. It would even be profitable for Niantic, because if this TM was locked behind a RNG on raids only, people would definitely buy a couple of raid passes.
As someone who doesn’t buy passes, I like the quests better. Maybe catch X CD pokemon as you say.


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