New sprites. Good or bad?

This place is where you can post pictures of Pokemon of which they have had obtained a new sprite. You can discuss whether those sprites are better or worse.

I just found out that Gyarados has obtained a new sprite.

This looks like the old Gyarados sprite. (Old picture of my top 12 of end August 2016)

In my opinion it looks good, but if it was a little less brightly coloured it would look better.

Also I found blissed to have her sprite changed. But I don’t know if it is a good or bad change

The only new sprite I don’t like is this one.


And chansey. I do not know what to think of it.

At least it is better than blissey

Surprised even Blissey got a new model, given how Lets GO doesnt have Johto Mons

Maybe preparing for the future? Once you are changing, change them all…


It seems like somebody decided the colors weren’t bright enough in the old sprites. Most seem brighter than before - especially the pinks (blissey, chancey, luvdisc, skitty, etc.)

Either style is mostly just an acquired taste – we’ll just get used to the changes. But in all candor I consider the changes to be gratuitous and arbitrary. I was fine with the colors as they were before the recent changes.

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