New Spawn Points

New spawns have been added to my street. Only had 2 per/hr and now it’s 5 per/hr. Anyone else experiencing this? :fire::+1:t2:

Are you sure it is new spawn points or is it just more frequent spawns due to the fire and ice event?

I too had a new spawnpoint/new timestamp. But I lost another one too.

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They are new. Had one stop spawning and 4 more added to my street. So I have 5 now that I can reach from my house. The time of the spawn that remained had changed from .17 minutes on the hour to .14. Gotta learn when the others appear tho.

I noticed a new spawn point at my house aswell. Normally there is only two exact spots where pokemon actually spawn here, now there’s a third. So far only Cyndaquil and Ponyta spawning there though so I can’t definitely confirm that it is not because of the event.

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Sry they replaced one with another, that’s lame. Shoulda just added :point_up:t2: Or :v:t2:

the event uses the same spawnpoints/timestamps as the “regular” days. I noticed the pattern a few months ago so I was suprised to see the change.

I agree, noticing different spawn points near me as well

I can also confirm this. New spawn points around my area, some of them were spawn points in August-September last year but they have been removed afterwards. Now apparently they are back.

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I have experienced the same. In fact, the “new” spawn points are where spots use to me about 4-5 months ago. Now have one in my driveway again and at the stop sign in my neighborhood.

Ok…Now I’m really confused. Did the spawn points and time stamps return to normal. Meaning the way they were before the gyms closed. If so I’m bummed :slightly_frowning_face: Thought I was +3 from my house.

Yea, that’s what I noticed as well. We had them and all of a sudden they are gone again :frowning: