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New Spawn Points 9-25-19

Niantic should’ve raised the amount of spawn points instead of shuffling them, so that everyone could be happy.


I agree, they should have just added spawns not taken away existing points.


Lower the maximum number of spawns in a xx level S2 cell. Because stationary catching 40+ spawns an hour is just to much in my opinion.

And raise the minimum amount of spawns if there is any activity what so ever. That way you can create a more balanced situation for the rural player.

Not yet. But after seeing this, I plan to pay attention to some places that I habitually ignore, having become accustomed over the years to never getting spawns.

Congratulations on the new spawns, btw.


It wont be. And no need to hope, you can check it. PM me if you wanna know how/what/why.

Just looked at one of the road I usually walk and that has more spawn points. Maybe later this week I can check the rest of my walking routes but that will take some time on crutches and with the rain.

I lost a bunch by my house. I walk my son to school everyday and usually there’s a lot more pokemon than there is now.


I hit 4 spawn points on my route home almost every evening, and tonight all had much lower numbers. What are usually 20, 7, 10, and 8 were just 7, 2, 3, and 4. I’ll have to find some new places, I guess.

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I’m loving the new spawn point here I don’t have to drive an hour to town anymore to catch Pokemon. I feel unleashed.


I am happy at least some people have better spawns lol

I have two less spawnpoints at home, but got one in return

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After a day of not finding anything at home, I think it’s save to say my home spawns are gone. :neutral_face:

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That is a real bummer. Walk around the house, you might find it move just out of reach. I hope there is still a close one for you.

There was a cluster a few streets further. Came there this morning, guess what? Not a single thing popped up either. :neutral_face:
I’m going to two other clusters in about two hours from now, just to be sure if they are still there or not.

So basically the whole Village is wiped out from Pokemon? :fearful::man_facepalming:

Not completely, my trainer accidentally ran over a ditch and a Meditite popped up. But the ditch is very large and there’s no bridge, so I’m not ever going to there. I’ve also already found a few other spawn points, fortunately.

You just misproven the rude auto-reply that Niantic"Support" sended out (can’t find it on Reddit anymore so it’s probably removed) in just a few minutes.

“Better activity related spawns” Down the drain it goes.

Although some profited from the change, to many are victims of the new system.

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As I said, Niantic shouldn’t have shuffled the spawn points at all. I know some will disagree, because they have spawn points in their home now. But I have a better idea. Niantic should’ve raised the amount of spawn points, instead of reshuffling them.


Said something similar here and in line with what Niantic tried to do, a more fair playing field for urban AND rural players by rebalancing spawns, but fail to do so in a proper way:

The big question is “Will Niantic roll back the spawns or not?”

I found an interesting post on Reddit that can explain (part of) the spawn mess.

Full quote:
People are fixating on the new spawn points, not noticing that stops in areas tagged landuse=residential (that’s almost every small town/viillage in Europe). No longer spawn anything at all, sure if you are in a place with lots of osm spawns/cell data spawns your stops will still look like they are spawning stuff, only less of it. But here is the thing, they are not, they are just pulling nearby cell data/osm spawns and show them as their own.

That’s how they are coded. You can even test it yourself, if you got access to submissions. Find area, that has wild spawns but no stops nearby, and something to submit in that area. Submit it, once it gets approved. Instantly that stop will be showing spawns, but it’s not spawning anything it’s just pulling nearby existing osm/cell data spawns, because new stops take 2-4 weeks to start generating spawns themselves.

I live in a place with population so low, there are no cell data spawns of any kind, and place is barely mapped on osm. Just residential border, road and some buildings. All the stops i have added within residential tag, no longer spawn anything. Travel like 5km to the middle of nowhere, where some ingress played dropped a stop ages ago. That place is now filled with spawns, 10+ up all at once.

In a big city you won’t notice it, because there is enough cell data around for local stop to latch onto to show spawns.


The big question is “Will Niantic roll back the spawns or not?”

Roll back the spawns? I’ve been playing for two-and-a-half-years without EVER being able to catch a Pokémon within half a mile of my home.
I’ve had a spawn point for 36 hours now and you think they should take it away again?