New Round of EX Raid Passes: April 22/23 2018

Well since were not having comments under this article, lets talk about it here.

"As trainers express their disappointment with the Kanto Celebration"
What disappointment exactly? Im happy with the event so far. I didnt need more than double candy. 6 hour lures is a good perk. I see loads of magikarp and machop for candy farming. So whats the dissapointing part?


That everyone was so hyped up for any shiny and (so far at least) we’ve gotten none

They have added them in the game so they dont get spoiled on their release, people just love to complain about everything

As for EX Pass, Ive got an 8th one, quite neat

Ah, well you can hardly blame Niantic for the speculation of the community haha.
I guess i kinda missed people being mad about it since i cant seem to catch shinys outside of community days anyways. And 1 lugia :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only love the reduced Buddy Distance and the Double Candy.

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I will keep to the topic. Can’t complain at all about EX raid invitations this year, but I really don’t understand why we now are invited April 23 on a monday during working hours (at noon). I guess Niantic made a blunder again. Until now I’m the only one in my raid group who can come. Bummer!

Just be you and spoofers then

Their previous schedule shifted 1 day after a few weeks, so it seems were back to that.

Lucky for me I’m on afternoon shift that week so I can do my Raid.
It still makes me mad though that it’s on a week day. I wondering if this is test to see how much back lash there will be.

My weekend actually starts that day. Go to bed at 07:30 in the morning, raid at 13:00. Could be worse :slight_smile:

All my Mewtwos that I caught was bad IVs
It’s still a Mewtwo with 300 Base Attack Stat for every Mewtwo
I might be wrong

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