New Power Up Pokemeon Bug

A friend found a new Powering Up Pokemon Bug today.
With the recent changes and everyone’s preset Battle Parties being deleted with the game Update a freind created her Battle Parties again. She went to Power up her Lucky Gengar to the Max L40 and it would not let her Power it Up. Game was restarted serval times with same issue still.
Once she removed the Gengar from her Battle Team she was able to Power it no further issues.

Not sure if this is just a temporary Bug or will stay like that?

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This is because you shouldnt power up something to get over the League barrier
They should free that for the Raids and Gyms though

Niantic is aware and fixing this bug:

V1.131.2 is now out for android, bug still present.

New update, new bugs. In The Netherlands we call that “occupational therapy”.

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In central Europe we call that “Niantic”


Well, part of the new update you will know what level a Pokemon will be powered up to.


still doesn’t work for me. can’t power up my Tyranitar to be able to duo Ho Oh. Thanks Niantic.

than your level isn’t hi enough to power up any higher.


  1. Your level isnt high enough
  2. You miss dust
  3. You miss candy

I’m a lvl 40 player -_- It worked on IOS device, it must be an android bug.

The Pokemon isnt in a party, isnt level 40 and you do have enough of both resources?
Try clearing the cache